Technical Notes

Technical Application notes are available in PDF format for our products. Notes are posted as they become available. See below for brief summaries.


Functional assessment of GFP+ mMN Mouse Motor Neurons

Axion Biosystems recently evaluated ArunA's GFP+mMN Mouse Motor Neurons on the Maestro multi-well microelectrode array system. Activity registered within 24 hours of plating and cultures sustained for more than 40 days. Listen as Anthony Nicollini explains the optimization process.


hNP1™ Human Neural Progenitor Expansion Kit

  • Methods for plating hNP1™ Human Neural Progenitor Cells in a 24-well glass bottom format for Immunofluorescence microscopy (PDF)


  • Methods for plating hNP1™ Human Neural Progenitor Cells in a 96-well format for Alamar Blue assay (PDF)


  • Genetic Modification (PDF)

Genetic Modification

Effective genetic modification of hNP1™ Human Neural Progenitor Cells broadens their potential further – enabling selection, directed differentiation and live cell tracking and monitoring, etc. The following application note describes both lipid‐based transfection with non‐integrating plasmid DNA and transduction with integrating recombinant lentivirus of ArunA Biomedical’s hNP1™ Human Neural Progenitor Cells (hNP1™ cells).


The full application note on Gene Modification of ArunA’s hNP1™ cells can be found here.