Motor Neurons - GFP+ HBG3Hb9 Quick Start Kit

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ArunA Biomedical's Mouse Motor Neurons are ideal for use in High-throughput fluorescent screening applications. Derived from transgenic mice expressing eGFP using Hb9 motorneuron promoter enables easy tracking and visualization of spinal motor neurons without the need for additional fluorescent markers and extended cultures.

Panel images of ArunA Biomedical GFP+ mMN Mouse Motor Neurons at 2 days post thaw 20X

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ArunA's GFP+ Mouse Motor Neurons express > 25% eGFP expressing mouse motor neurons differentiated from an embryonic stem cell line (HBG3) expressing eGFP under control of the HB9 promoter. A specific motor neuron maker, HB9 allows for easy identification and tracking of motor neuron cells.

Cell Type  Mouse motor neurons
Part Number:  7025
Species:  Mus musculus
Source:  HB9-GFP (HBG3) ESC
Morphology:  neural
Quantity:  7.5x105 cells per vial 

Shipping method:  dry ice
Storage:  liquid nitrogen
Growth Propertiesadherent, non-proliferative
Medium AB2 Basal Neural Medium and supplements

Pathogen testing:  Cells are tested for sterility and mycoplasma contamination.

Viability testing:  Post-cryostorage viability was determined to be approximately 75%. 

Kit format:

  • GFP+mMN™ Mouse Motor Neurons (Cat#mMN7025), 1 vials (~7.5 x 105 cells)
  • AB2™ Basal Neural Media (Cat#7011.3), 1 x 500mL

Additional vials of GFP+mMN™ Mouse Motor Neurons (Cat#mMN7025) may be purchased by contacting technical services.

Technical information:

Technical data sheet and cell culture protocols



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In collaboration with Axion Biosystems, we have developed a protocol for use of ArunA's GFP+mMN Mouse Motor Neurons on Axion Biosystems' microelectrode array platform. The video below demostrates GFP+mMN Mouse Motor Neuron response when exposed to chemical antagonist.

Webinar: GFP+Motor Neurons Functional Assessment on Microelectrode Arrays


Protocols for use of GFP+mMN Mouse Motor Neurons on MEA


ArunA Biomedical's GFP+mMN Mouse Motor Neurons demonstrate spontaneous firing of action potentials on microelectrode array (Axion Biosystems). Image courtesy Raymond Swetenburg, University of Georgia.