About Us

ArunA Biomedical, Inc. is a privately held life science tools company incorporated in 2003 and initially funded in 2005.  ArunA is dedicated to advancing drug discovery and basic research through the development and commercialization of platform technology products and services for the stem cell research community.


ArunA's patented platform cellular technology provides an adherent, monolayer cell culture system thus providing an easy to use format well suited for the increased demand for rapid results.  ArunA’s core competencies are in the development and commercialization of products and services derived from or related to human stem cells. Researchers developing new therapies are constantly seeking improved tools in an effort to more rapidly and effectively address the needs of the millions of people suffering from diseases.  ArunA's technology is key to accelerating the identification of targets and assessing compounds that will result in lower development costs and shortened development timelines. The progress of stem cell research relies on the reproducibility and reliability of cell culture systems, and this is exactly what sets ArunA products apart from competitors.  Our stem cell research tools provide a more consistent, reliable, well-characterized source of research material with results in mind.

Since founding, ArunA Biomedical has kept innovation as a core principle in the advancement of stem cell research and production of quality products. For more information on  Dr. Steve Stice and ArunA Biomedical's role in stem cell research and development, please follow the link to a podcast interview by PointClear Solutions.


The maintenance of human stem cells is difficult and costly while the differentiation of those cells is tedious and time consuming.  ArunA’s products eliminate this burdensome task and place these cells into the hands of researchers who may not otherwise have the capability or the resources to produce them.  The Company’s proprietary serum-free and feeder-free adherent monolayer technology platform provides “off the shelf” access to normal human cell types.  This technology, combined with ArunA’s proprietary qualified media and plate coating systems, make ArunA’s stem cell kits an efficient and economical alternative to less informative drug discovery and research tools currently available.


ArunA Biomedical is dedicated to your success, to the quality of our product, and to excellent customer service.  We look forward to customer feedback and if we can help you in any way, please feel free to contact us.