The significance of exosomes in intracellular communication make them an important vehicle to deliver a variety of drugs throughout the body.

They can enter the circulatory system, “home” to the site of damage or disease, and selectively pass through biological barriers that small molecules cannot. As such, exosomes are increasingly being studied as delivery vehicles for small molecule therapies, proteins, RNA, DNA, and potentially new CRISPR technologies.

Exosomes offer many drug delivery benefits:

  • Nano-sized
  • Able to cross the blood-brain barrier
  • No immune rejection response
  • Capable of repeat dosing
  • Categorized as a biologic by the FDA

Like small molecules, ArunA’s exosomes can transport rich cargos of proteins, lipids, DNA, and RNA, have demonstrated the ability to be administered intravenously and in repeated doses without adverse effects. Unlike small molecules, our exosomes have demonstrated the ability to cross the brain blood barrier and reach the site of injury.