AB126 for Ischemic Stroke

The results from third party testing in multiple pre-clinical models and internal in vitro studies of our lead biologic candidate AB126,

have led us to our initial therapeutic focus on a biologic therapeutic for stroke. In multiple preclinical studies, we have demonstrated that enhancing the nervous systems’ self-repair mechanisms translate into structural and functional benefits, including improved survival, reduced infarct size and improved mobility. We are advancing this program quickly and expect to initiate first-in-human studies in 2019.


To date, AB126 has demonstrated:

  • Proof-of-concept in two divergent animal species (rodent and pig)
  • The ability to reduce inflammation and enhance neural function
  • Capable of crossing the blood brain barrier non-invasively and reach the site of injury
  • Amenable to multiple intravenous (IV) dosing without adverse response
  • Treatment greatly reduces hemorrhaging within 24 hours post injury

In addition to ischemic stroke, we have a rich, therapeutically diverse pipeline of newly identified disease opportunities that we are studying.